I have a product that says it is mycelium and mushrooms; is that a good combination?

Some companies make the claim that their product has “all stages”, or is a “unique combination” of mushrooms and mycelium.

They may also claim this is therefore “full spectrum”. They make further claims that this provides a more diverse menu of medicinal compounds. A mushroom and its mycelium are actually made of similar tissue, but with important differences.

Mushrooms are genetically more complex and have more medicinal properties. Look to see if the companies that make this claim actually give you a percentage of each fungal part.

One company that makes this claim uses only 10% mushroom in one of their products. Another doesn’t even state how much of their mycelium product is actual mushroom.

Don’t be fooled. Mushrooms are more expensive to grow but are of higher value and therefore likely to be left out or included in small amounts just to make the claim of being present.

Also, there are 2 methods for growing mycelium:

1.   Solid Fermentation: Grown on grains or rice where the end product is up to 70% growing medium of no medicinal value.

2.   Liquid Fermentation: Grown in liquid and fed supportive nutrients so the end product is 100 % mycelium with zero filler.

A few of our products are either a mix of Organic Fruiting Bodies and Liquid Fermentation Mycelium or Powerblend that is pure Liquid Fermentation Mycelium. We state the percentages of Beta d-Glucans on all our packages!