A simple booster for your immune system!

This is a simple booster that you can take to help with your immune system and even decrease fatigue. The powder is very fine and has a bit of a scent to it. There is a small scoop included with the bag to provide proper measurements. Loved it!

- Jazzy G.

I'm obsessed!

I add this to my metabolic protein shakes and use it in my ninja blender, black ripe plantains, ripe papaya, teaspoon dark brown sugar, lions mane, delicious and I finished my doctorate program.

- Frank S.

My hair has grown SO much since I've started using this

I have gotten many compliments on my hair from people I haven't seen in a couple of months who have been floored at how full and long it has gotten. Buy for the adaptogenic qualities, stay for the hair.

- Nadine S.

Super Potent!

I'm a mid-fifties female and I'm new to taking any type of Lion's Mane but this one came highly recommended. I can see why. This is absolutely PURE LM in powder form. Love it!

- Summer B.

Tastes good, feels good!

It’s great. I’m not a fan of mushrooms in general, but the taste of this isn’t loamy at all - it’s actually almost coffee-like! It’s a great addition to smoothies. It has so many health benefits!

- Elenore W.




We believe that although signs and synchronicities may lead you in a certain direction along the journey, you are ultimately the designer of your destiny.

Our founder, Mr. Hale, was in awe when he discovered the immense powers of mushrooms during a health research project in China. He decided to share the astounding magic of mycology with the Western world, which he soon found had been limited to lower-grade mainstream mycelium-based products, often weakened by 50% or more ingredient fillers. 

It ended up being a decision and life direction he would never look back on.