Is your product “Full Spectrum”?


What actually does a full spectrum mushroom product mean?

Generally speaking, this means that the product in question has all the major components of the mushroom present. So an analysis of the product would show a profile that matches the data that is present in major published research or government databases.

For example, the USDA has a database of foods and natural products that lists nutritional information based on approved analytical tests.

If the product is a mushroom extract, full spectrum would indicate that the naturally occurring components would remain in approximately the same ratio as the mushroom itself.

How is it possible then that mycelium grown on grain or rice, which is part of the final mycelium product, can be full spectrum?

It simply can’t be, by definition. Whether you have pure mycelium or a real mushroom, the addition of grain negates a claim of full spectrum.

It gets worse when one realizes that the majority of the MOG product is actually grain.

Our products are 100% naturally produced mushrooms. This is the true definition of Full Spectrum.