Our Story

Told by our Founder and Longevity Researcher Mr. Houston Hale

Mr.Houston Hale  Founder Of Longevity Botanicals

The seed for Longevity Botanicals was planted when I was living in China in 2001 working on an international Health Research project. My travels took me into remote pristine mountainous regions far from populated coastal areas. There I saw lush Tea Plantations as well as growing facilities for Medicinal Mushrooms.
China has a long and rich history of using plants as powerful healers. Medicinal Mushrooms have always held a special place being used for thousands of years by Emperors and Nobles.
Intrigued by what I learned about the power of Medicinal Mushrooms, I wanted to find a trusted source for Organic Fruiting Body (the actual mushroom) Mushroom Products that I would take or recommend to my health clients, family and friends. The logical starting place was to see what was already available in the USA and Canada. All that I found was low quality, low value, low potency mycelium (the root system) based products.
As mycelium is grown on rice or grains and cannot be separated from the mycelium; mycelium based products can contain 50% or more fillers. Their low potency combined with the high filler content made the mycelium based products a poor choice and so my search continued.
Understanding that growing Fruiting Body Organic Mushroom products was not economically viable in North America I returned to China. Technological advances in the growing and processing of Organic Medicinal Mushrooms in China has created a new opportunity for people in the West to experience the health benefits of Organically grown and certified Medicinal Mushroom products at affordable prices.  
My goal of providing high quality, high value health products at reasonable prices is still at the center of Longevity Botanicals today. While the majority of our products are still Organic Medicinal Mushroom based, we continue to add new healthy options like Colloidal Minerals, Organic Milk Thistle Extract and Organic Chaga Tea Blends.
We want you to use our Organic Products with the same confidence as we do. We treat you like Family with our Iron Clad, No Risk, No Questions Guarantee meaning that if for any reason you are not Completely Satisfied with our Products, you can return any unopened products for a 100% refund.

Try our Longevity Botanicals products today and LIVE LONG, LIVE STRONG